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Cottle-Lean Neighborhood Association meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of most months. Virtual meetings are held via Zoom and in person meetings are held in the Santa Teresa Library Community Room, 290 International Circle.

2023 CLNA speakers have included:

  • March 20th-- Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

  • April 15th-- General Discussion

  • April 18th--Quarterly Neighborhood Watch Meeting

  • May 20th--Great Oaks Water Company

  • June 17th--BeautifySJ

  • July 22nd--Cancelled

  • August 19th--San Jose's Recycling Program

2022 CLNA speakers have included:

  • September 17--Paulo Chang, Santa Clara County Register of Voters

  • October 15th--Updates from the City

Quarterly Neighborhood Watch Meeting
November 28, 2023
Join us as Jorge Castillas, Crime Prevention Specialist- Southern Division, updates us on happenings in our Neighborhood and the surrounding area

Once registered you will receive an email with the

link to the Community meeting. Reminders

will be sent out.

Quarterly Neighborhood Watch Meeting
August 22, 2023


Join us as Jorge Castillio, Crime Prevention
Specialist-Southern Division of the San Jose Police
Department as he discusses and updates us on activity in
our area, including local tagging by gangs. Plus information
on home and personal protection.

Residents report activities to other systems
(, Facebook, and doorbell systems), but
not the SJPD, resulting in neighborhoods seen as safer
than they actually might be. SJPD does
NOT monitor
these systems!

Attended a Neighborhood Watch meetings months or
years ago??? Time for an update on how we can all
help prevent illegal activities.

Once registered you will receive an email with the link to the Neighborhood Watch meeting

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