November 7, 2021

Goodwill Donation Day on Calpine Avenue


November 13, 2021


Dumpster Day!!!!

5 Bins to be located on Calpine Avenue


November 20, 2021

Poughkeepsie-Blossom Hill

Tree Planting


Drum Circle



Volunteer Thank You

CLNA is a volunteer organization. Each year an event is held to thank the volunteers who have helped make the Cottle-Lean Neighborhood a better place to live. Volunteers have planted and/or adopted trees, helped at Association meetings, National Night Out, movie night at Anderson Elementary, served as Street Captains, hosted driveway parties and served on the CLNA board. Help your Neighborhood by volunteering. Let us know what your interests are.


Music in the Park Concerts

CLNA summer events include concerts at Miner Park. Residents are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner, chairs, meet their neighbors and enjoy a concert with local musical groups. The first group for the 2019 summer series was the Oak Grove High School Jazz Ensemble.


Driveway Parties

Driveway Parties are an excellent opportunity to meet more CLNA Neighbors while having a good time. They are hosted by an individual Neighbor and held on driveways with no access to the inside of hosts home.  The hosting Neighbor chooses the Friday or Saturday evening from May-September, 5-8PM; tables, water, paper plates, napkins and silverware are supplied by CLNA. Neighbors may bring a dish to share if they wish. Want to host? Let us know.

Cottle-Lean Clean-up Days 

Volunteers spend one hour a month, on the 4th Saturday from March-September, to clean up areas bordering and within the Cottle-Lean Neighborhood. Help keep the Cottle-Lean Neighborhood clean. Volunteer.


National Night Out

National Night Out is sponsored by the San Jose Police Department locally and Police Departments through the United States. Resource tables provide information from a variety of City, County and non-profit organizations. Southside Community Center and CLNA co-sponsor National Night Out which includes live music, free ice cream, games for the children and visits by both the San Jose Police and Fire Departments. Want to help? Let us know.


Neighborhood Walk-About

Street Captains and other volunteers completed a Walk-About on Beswick Drive in August 2018. The purpose of the Walk-About was to inform residents living on Beswick Drive that they are automatically members of the Cottle-Lean Neighborhood Association, and of the upcoming tree planting on Beswick. Help spread the word on the CLNA by volunteering for a Walk-About.

Beswick Drive Tree Planting

CLNA received BeautifySJ grant funds to replace 13 trees on Beswick Drive. Approximately 40 volunteers arrived to plant trees on the designated September 2018 planting date. Eight Neighbors volunteered to adopt a tree, keeping an eye on its’ welfare and watering via the City watering system. Five trees remain to be adopted. Want to Adopt a Tree? Let us know.


Dumpster Day

Every 2 years CLNA hosts a Dumpster Day sponsored by District 2 City Council office. Bins are brought in by the City for Neighbors to dump a variety of things that have clogged their garages and properties. In 2018 five miscellaneous bins and one electronic recycling bin were filled.


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